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Neck pain is one of the most common complaints in my office. Here are some tips that will help you recover from neck pain while at home.

1. Ice is your friend
Remember, ice for the first 48 hours, then apply heat. Apply for no more than 15 minutes and allow for a 20-minute recovery period before the next application.

2. Don’t stop moving
Exercises and stretches are instrumental in reducing muscle strain. I recommend that you do Neck Rotation Exercises. Rotate head gently and slowly from side to side. Do not turn head completely to either side, keep motion small. Keep chin level with ground without letting chin drop to chest. Repeat 10 times. Perform this exercise 2 times per day.

3. Use aromatherapy oils
I recommend Marjoram and Vetiver. Majoram relaxes muscle spasms and tension. It’s known for its ability to ease pain and inflammation. A quick recipe is 3 drops Marjoram Oil, 2 drops Lavender Oil, and 4 drops Clary Sage in 4 teaspoons (20) ml carrier oil. Try using sweet almond. Vetiver, which is a earthy, smoky aroma that’s heavy and warm. It warms and relieves aches and pains. Due to its strong aroma, I suggest no more than 2 drops in a blend. Try this recipe, 2 drops vetiver, 3 drops ginger, and 5 drops lavender in 4 teaspoons (20) ml carrier oil. I like grapeseed oil.

4. Try Homeopathic remedies
Look into kali phos. which is a derivative of potassium phosphate. It helps with neck and upper back pain, tension headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome. This is an excellent option to taking over the counter drugs that can cause other ailments and conditions. Kali phos is known as the “great nerve soother.”

These are just a few suggestions for neck pain that may derive from stress or exhaustion. By no means is this a replacement for care from your Chiropractor. If your neck pain persists more that 48 hours, please consult a Chiropractor first. According to extensive research, Chiropractors are the best choice for neck pain.

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